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Mira Hozzova

Belongs to the Virtual, Vail Communities

Mira was born in Slovakia and has been living in Vail, CO since 2002.

She has been in hospitality for over 2 decades. She has always been passionate about the restaurant business because it gives her a chance to connect with people. As much as she loved taking care of others, the daily pressure of running a fast paced, busy restaurant was clearly taking its toll on her in all aspects of her life. Her relentless pursuit of success deeply affected her well-being, leaving her feeling overwhelmed, mentally exhausted, and disconnected from the things that truly mattered. That's when her friend introduced her to Inner Matrix Systems. She immersed herself in the work and began to grow and change in ways she had never imagined. Slowly but steadily, Mira shifted the focus from the quantity of success to quality of her inner experience.

Today, she is the co-owner and general manager of La Nonna Ristorante in Vail, CO. Through the tools and training of the Inner Matrix Systems, Mira has created one of the most thriving restaurants in the community, with a loyal and ever growing following. In addition, she has cultivated a team of dedicated professionals and precise systems that keep the business growing and moving forward. Her personal growth has inspired her employees to pursue their own personal journeys through the Inner Matrix Systems. She is now driven by joy and inspiration. Through the process of time investment, she is able to run a highly successful business while still spending quality time with her husband and friends, enjoying the outdoor activities she is so passionate about.

As a certified trainer, Mira can now impact many people. It is her dream to not only inspire people in service industry, but to also work with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, to show them how to create from place of empowerment and freedom, using the training and tools available only through Inner Matrix Systems. Book a complimentary 1-1 session with Mira today and begin to live the life you deserve!

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