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You’re a people person? Great! Discover your Inner Matrix and transform a space in your life during a complimentary 3-session course—Intro to Inner Matrix—with a certified IM Trainer. Book a quick call with our Care Team so we can match you with an exceptional Trainer.


You’re an avid reader? Love it! Get a special offer on IMS founder/CEO Joey Klein’s book: The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results. We’ll throw in some awesome bonus materials to get you on the road to Your results.


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The Inner Matrix reveals the secrets to finally achieving the results you want and living the life you want to live! No matter where you're stuck…
Romantic Relationship, Career or Money, Parenting, Family, Childhood Trauma, Health and Wellbeing in the Body (and everything in between)...your answers lie within your Inner Matrix. In The Inner Matrix, you'll discover the current condition of YOUR unique Inner Matrix, how it got that way in the first place, and how to realign it with what you want to achieve. We call this the Art & Science of Personal Mastery, and it has served more than 80,000 people over the past 20 years. Are you next?


In an Intro to Inner Matrix with one of our highly trained, certified IM Trainers, you will discover what is holding you back from the results you are looking to create in a specific space in life.

You will focus on a specific area of life you'd like to up-level—Career/Finance, Relationship, Health/Body—and be trained in IMS tools, techniques and strategies that will support you to realign your Inner Matrix with the results you want to create in that space. This complimentary 3-session course (a $450 value) is a no brainer! If you’re ready to get results…


Power Series Weekend Intensives are led by IMS founder & CEO, Joey Klein. You can join an in-person intensive in Denver or Kansas City, or a virtual intensive.
We offer a minimum of three intensives each quarter throughout the year. During a Power Series Weekend you can heal old trauma, break counterproductive patterns and create results you didn’t dream possible. These are life changing, paradigm shifting experiences. Your new life is waiting. What do you say?

Don't Take Our Word For It

Peace with Family & Parenting

Nicole shares how the 4-sided breath supports her with her family.

Perks of Membership

Heidi shares about the benefits of consistency and IMS Membership.

Body Results

Certified Trainer Michelle shares the empowerment she feels with the body.