The Art and Science of Personal Mastery

Discover What’s Holding You Back From the Results You Want In Your Life 
(And Exactly What To Do About It!)

If you’re like most people, there’s an area of life that you’re dissatisfied with…or perhaps you have a big vision, but you haven’t been able to make it a reality. You know that something is in your way, but you don’t know what it is. We’ve got great news: Your current results have everything to do with the current condition of your Inner Matrix

Each of us has our own Inner Matrix, which consists of our emotions, thought strategies, and nervous system, that drives our actions, behavior, and ultimately creates our experience of life. 

Be Aware of Your Emotions

Leverage Your Thoughts

Drive Actions that Produce the Results You Want

This Is Not Just Another Self Help Program

If you knew how to get the results you'd already have them, right?
IMS meets you where you are today, and takes you as far as you want to go. No matter where you are in your journey, IMS training can support you to break through to the results you want and deserve.

Struggling with pain or loss? IMS training supports you to get out of pain.

Not thriving? IMS training supports you to access possibility and create vision for your life.

Want to go from good to great? IMS training supports you to up-level any and every area of your life.

Want to see how far you can go? IMS training supports you all the way to Mastery!

What Can IMS Training Do For You?

Our simple, practical system will support you to get un-stuck, so you can break through to the results you want in any area of life. From career and finances to health and wellbeing in the body, to your romantic or family relationships…we’ve got you covered.
Here's What You'll Access Leveraging Our World Class System & Training:

Produce Predictable & Guaranteed Results

Create The Ability To Replicate Outstanding Results

Develop High Capacity Efficiently & Ensure Self Reliance

IMS By The Numbers


Global Communities with at least one Certified IM Trainer offering Power Series Classes


People engaged in IMS Training over the last two decades


One-on-one Sessions with a Certified IM Trainer happen each year

Don't Take Our Word For It

Peace with Family & Parenting

Nicole shares how the 4-sided breath supports her with her family.

Perks of Membership

Heidi shares about the benefits of consistency and IMS Membership.

Body Results

Certified Trainer Michelle shares the empowerment she feels with the body.