IMS Has Programs Designed For Your Every Need

All of our programs and training use the IM Method. It’s a powerful synthesis of the art of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology. 

The IMS Regimen

We approach Inner Fitness much like you'd approach physical fitness—you engage a specific movement and nutrition regimen to create the desired outcome. At IMS we engage specific training programs in a particular order and leverage Intensity with Consistency to create personal mastery. 

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Fix Your Finances
Master Stress Management Techniques
Cultivate Great Relationships

Start With the Foundations

We recommend starting with The Power Series to learn the fundamentals. With options to meet in person or remotely, IMS has you covered.
The Power Series is our foundational curriculum which features four courses: Power of Focus, Power of Emotion, Power of Vision, Power of Intuition.
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Build on Your Foundations

After participating in at least one Power Series Weekend Intensive, you are eligible to attend IM Reset. We think of IM Reset as the ultimate retreat for the nervous system. This Advanced Training Intensive helps reset the system to its natural state of Peace, and from there, supports you to access your highest intelligence and potential...translating to new outcomes in your life.
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Explore The Mastery Track

The Mastery Track is a series of specialized, advanced tracks for community members who have completed at least one of The Power Series Weekend Intensives. Programs include Advanced Training Intensives, Train-the-Trainer, IM Energy Technique and IM Elite Cohort.
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IMS Membership Has Its Perks!

IMS Members receive an all-access pass to our Power Series Training at our most favorable price point. Consistency + Intensity = RESULTS. Membership is your gym for Inner Fitness.